The Best Apple iPad Accessories – Slides

The Best Apple iPad Accessories – Slideshow from Though you could make your own stand. #iPad


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Tagline "Outside of a dog a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it is too dark to read." -- Groucho Marx Introduction Computers, Technology, and Gadgets seem to be my life. History Okay, Computers and I aren't dating or anything like that, but I have had a computer under my fingertips since the Commodore Vic 20. Apple 2c and 2e, the first Macintosh's, Tandy TRS80 (pronounced Trash 80), Tandy 1000, even the lowly Timex Sinclair and Coleco Adam. In the IBM clone days, I remember booting from a DOS disk and then loading Turbo PASCAL. Two floppy drives in one machine were all the rage then. Now Now I live in a world of databases of many flavors and versions as I am part DBA (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL), OSes of many flavors and versions as I am part system administrator (Windows, UNIX, and Linux), and Enterprise and Mission Critical applications as I am part Basis Administrator (SAP, Maximo, Email, and any other ) that should probably cause me to lose more sleep, but I sleep pretty well. My second passion is teaching Computer Technology. I try to share that passion with my students. Knowledge is power. If I ever stop learning, declare me dead. Spare Time? In my spare time (Ha ha!) I love living the Internet dream, whether is is being a part of "the social networks" or creating content for my blog and others. (L.A.M.P. Rocks!) Currently working on two books at the same time (one, a Textbook, the other, science fiction) Working to be relevant even though I am 2,500+ miles away from Silicon Valley and other Tech Hubs of the world. BTW, I am NOT a social media expert, nor do I claim to be. The views expressed on my account are mine alone and not those of my employers. Bragging rights Featured in Geeks in Love article in Computerworld. February 2011

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